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An E-Depot in valve market

"I  like ValveDepot because it saves my so much time to find right valves. "
"Before I find ValveDepot, I used searching engins. It costs me a lot of time. "
"ValveDepot is so great. It's a real professional site."

ValveDepot is dedicating to setup an one stop e-business platform in 21st century for valve users searching different valves in one place. It is different with other popular search engines which will popup tons of searching results while input a single key word.  In their ways, the users still have no idea to select the right supplier or will spend a lot of time to review all the searched results. It is difficult to get a correct conclusion for a user who does not have enough valve knowledge.  ValveDepot uses her valve specialist and expertise to help the users screening and recommend a good supplier for specific application.

Simple entry  is the goal of ValveDepot. 

ValveDepot is always absorbing the good suggestion or advise from their membership in order to supply the best service for worldwide valve users. We supply following membership choices to valve manufacturers, distributors:

Volunteer:  Free of Charge
If there is no similar product on ValveDepot site yet , you are the first one.  Tell us your website address and your preferred ValveDepot category. After the evaluation of ValveDepot Expert Group (VEP), we will pick up your content and assign ValveDepot catalogue number on it. When we receive the inquiry of your products, we will let you know the first three clients. 

Beginner:  US$49.95 annually per product page.
A similar product is already on ValveDepot webpage. You want to list your products on the same category. Show your products logo on the page. Others are the same as Volunteer.

SmallBiz:  US$99.95 annually per product page.
Show your contact method and Email address. Others are the same as Beginner.

MediumBiz:  US$149.95 annually per product page.
SmallBiz + show your website address on each page.

Corporate:  US$299.95 annually per product page.
Directly link to your related page under ValveDepot category.

Banner:  US$499.95 annually per banner on ValveDepot second level pages. 

BannerPlus:  US$799.95 annually per banner on ValveDepot main page.    

Other advertising is available upon request.

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