Pressure relief valve is installed on the
outlet pipe of water supply pipeline. It
can maintain safe water supply
pressure inside the pipe and prevent
pipeline and equipment damage caused
by accidental escalation in water

When water pump stops functioning or
pipeline gate suddenly closes,
abnormal pressure forms inside the
pipe. As the pressure gets over a
certain safety limit, pressure relief
valve can open automatically and
releases the water pressure above the
safety limit, so as to ensure the safety
of pipeline and equipment. When the
pressure turns back within the safety
limit, the pressure relief will close

Utilization State of Pressure Relief Valve

When water pressure inside the pipeline becomes greater than the specified outlet pressure, the pressure relief pilot valve opens and simultaneously releases the pressure in the pressure chamber. At
this time, the main valve gate is pushed open and keeps the main valve in open state.
When the pressure returns to the safety limit, the pilot valve closes simultaneously, pressure chamber in main
valve recovers pressure accumulation state, and main valve can be closed slowly.
In this way the pressure inside the pipeline can be maintained.

Pressure Adjusting Range

Special orders can be arranged for
higher pressure adjustment range.
°EIn the case of high pressure, valve
body made by stainless steel is recommended.

Curves for Released flow by Pressure Relief Valve

                                       1000         10000          20000     30000L/MIN
        Flow rater-water

Special order is needed for size over 14" or particular dimension.
Please refer to Pressure Sustaining Valve for valve body material, working pressure and flow.

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