The gate adopts NO design, hence water supply will not be affected due to instability in inlet pressure.

The internal pressure control chamber adopts diaphragm design, hence the function and life-time
will not be affected by water mpurity. Besides, there isl no leakage by this design.

When the outlet pressure directly responds to pressure control chamber to adjust setting pressure the response is sensitive and adjustment can be very precise.

Size Type H L
2" Flange 150 190
2" Thread 150 190
2.5" Flange 165 210
3" Flange 200 225
4" Flange 220 250
   Adjusting rangeG
   0.2kgf/cm2 4kgf/cm2
   3kgf/cm2 7kgf/cm2
Test pressure for valve
body 21kgf/cm2
  Pressure adjusting error +/-0.1kgf/cm2
  Applied temperature:
  -15C to 80C J
  The pressure gauge indicates the pressure in outlet.

Direct-Activated Pressure Reducing Valve Flow Chart

                                  1000            2000L/min
    Flow rater-water

Q = Rate of flow (GPM)
P = Pressure drop across valve (psi)
S = Specific gravity of fluid (Water=1)
1 Gallon =3.785 Liter

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