Controller is fixed directly and design of controller conduit is not needed.
Controller is designed to be screw fastened quickly, enabling fast and easy installation.
The valve body can match with all types of controller whitout technical conversion, and all kinds of control valves can be formed.
Piston tub design is adopted for the valve body structure, making the valve applicable to low and high pressure in both vertical and horizontal positions.
Straight flow path design inside the valve body. Large flow rate.Malfunctions due to water impurity or unfavorable effects from turbulence can be reduced.
The valve body is shaped and formed as whole. Small volume, light weight, and easy installation. Appearance of the valve is simple and elegant.

       Patent Number : 135517
Item Name Materials
Main body Cast iron Bronze Stainless steel
Cylinder bolt Brass Brass Stainless steel
O-ing NBR NBR --------
Cylinder Bronze Bronze Stainless steel
Spring Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless steel
U- ring NBR NBR --------
Piston Bronze Bronze Stainless steel
Sealing NBR NBR --------
Seat Bronze Bronze Stainless steel
Shaft Bronze Bronze Stainless steel
Controller Brass Brass Stainless steel

The valve body of main valve becomes functional by a inlet guiding hole.This hole transfer pressure to pressure chamber. When enough pressure accumulates in the pressure chamber, it generates pushing force that makes the piston close to valve seat and generates the closing motion. There is another outlet guiding hole inside the pressure chamber. When the hole is open, pressure in pressure chamber dissipates and valve gate is pushed open by incoming water pressure.   Materials of valve body :
  Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel
  Specification: JIS-10K
  Special order is needed for other specification.
  Utilization conditions:
  normal temperature state and other fresh fluid.
  Test pressure for cast iron and bronze valve body : 21 kgf/cm2
  Test pressure for stainless steel valve bodyˇG

Multi-Function Auto-Control Main Valve Body Flow Chart

1000             10000          20000         30000
Flow rate-water            Liter/min

Q = Rate of flow (GPM)
P = Pressure drop across valve (psi)
S = Specific gravityof fluid (Water=1)
1 Gallon =3.785 Liter

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